Charlie Code

Self Taugh Programmer


Welcome to you, i'm Charlie, student in Electrical and Automation Engineering. I have been in love with everything related to technological sciences for a very long time, and in particular programming languages. So I decided to train myself so sharing here all tools i made with Python language.

So it is a great honor for me to be able to help you in your work or hobby. I hope my tools will be very helpful for you, don't forget that you can hit me up if you have any issue or suggestion. Have a good day. See you.

Where I'm From

I call Port-Gentil, Gabon my home. It is located on Lopez Island (in the mouth of the navigable Ogooué River) and on a bay sheltered by Cape Lopez, which juts into the Atlantic Ocean. The nation’s chief port and industrial centre, it is linked by air with Paris and major West African centres as well as with many Gabonese towns.

unfortunatly you can't find me there, yeah right i'm an international student, that's cool, i'm bursary, yeah my country be very helpful sometimes even if there is some issues in the society.. Anyway i guess every countries are like that, so let's just smile... okay !!??


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